Additional Maps

Annexations / Town Limits - shows the current annexation breakdown and boundary for the Town of Frederick.

Annexation Plats - list of recorded annexations approved by the town.

Comprehensive Plan - The purpose of the Comprehensive Plan is to direct development decisions and ensure quality of life remains high. The Town of Frederick Comprehensive Plan serves as the official, adopted guide for future development and conservation within the community.  The following maps show the vision for the long-range future of the Frederick community.
  • Land Use - is a general guide to growth and development within Frederick.
  • Residential Areas Framework - provides policy guidance to ensure new residential development complements the Town's existing neighborhoods. These policies should also serve the needs of the community for the next twenty years. 
  • Commercial and Industrial Areas Framework - provides guidance for areas that should be planned and conserved for long-range business growth.
  • Environmental Constraints - shows the current environmental constraints in the town. This includes aspects from floodplain and wetland areas to abandoned mines and oil and natural gas drilling sites.
  • Transportation and Mobility - outlines the town's existing system. This map also provides both short- and long-term recommendations to handle projected traffic growth while expanding non-motorized transportation options.
  • Community Facilities and Infrastructure - seeks to ensure that high quality community facilities are available to current and future residents and businesses. It also ensures that the right steps are taken to address future growth and opportunities for community partnerships. 
  • Parks, Recreation and Open Space - aimed at preserving environmental features and open space areas. It also gives plans for expanding the Frederick park system and opportunities for active and passive recreation.                            
Crime Map and Weekly Police Case Report - a weekly report and monthly snapshot of the crime in Frederick.

Existing and Future Development Map - shows all neighborhoods within the town limits of Frederick.

Final Plats - individual list of recorded final plats approved by the town.

Metro Districts
 - A metropolitan district is a special district with limited governmental powers, formed pursuant to and governed by C.R.S. § 32-1-101 et seq.  There are many reasons for which special districts are formed. Most commonly, they are formed to assist with the financing, construction, and ownership of public improvements necessary for a specific development.  Districts can own, operate and maintain public improvements. They may provide any or all of the following services:  ambulance services, fire protection, hospital, mosquito control, park and recreation, safety protection (i.e., traffic and safety controls and devices on streets and highways), sanitation, street improvements, TV relay and translation, transportation, and water development. 

Snow Priority Removal Map - shows the snow removal routes.

Snow Route Map -  Displays the routes of our snow plows during a snow event.

Street Map - provides a detailed list and locations of streets within the Town of Frederick, Firestone and the City of Dacono.

Trails and Parks Map - a comprehensive map of trails and parks within the Town of Frederick. You can also visit our Parks and Facilities website for more information.

Trash/Recycle - Map and Weekly Calendar Schedule for residential properties with the town limits of Frederick.

Urban Renewal Areas - shows urban renewal areas within the Town of Frederick.

Zip Code Map - shows zip codes within the Town of Frederick and surrounding areas. Please contact the USPS to confirm information.

Zoning Map - shows the zoning for all areas within the town limits. Please call the Planning Department at 720.382.5650 to verify zoning designation.