Parks, Open Space & Trails Master Plan

The Parks, Open Space and Trails (P.O.S.T.) Master Plan is a tool that the town uses to implement their Comprehensive Plan and identifies the recreation needs of today's residents, anticipates those of tomorrow, and provides a framework for creating a vibrant system of parks, open space, and trails. View the following segments of the plan, and what each entails.

    • How Frederick's Current Parks, Open Space and Trail System Evolved
    • Analysis of Frederick's Existing P.O.S.T. Assets
    • Park Classifications
    • Parks Inventory and Analysis
    • Existing Open Space System
    • Open Space Classifications
    • Open Space Inventory and Analysis
    • Existing Trail Network
    • How Well is the Community Served
    • Stakeholder Group Interviews Summary
    • The P.O.S.T. Website
    • Public Opinion Survey Summary
    • Public Meetings
    • Miner's Day Open House
    • Boards and Commissions
    • On-Going Public Outreach
    • Purpose of Goals and Policies
    • Consistency with Other Plans
    • P.O.S.T. Facility Planning and Design
    • Accessibility
    • Park Planning and Design
    • Open Space
    • Trails
    • Finance and Funding
    • Maintenance
    • Recommendations for Parks
    • Improving Existing Parks
    • Planning for New Parks
    • Collaborating with Other Agencies
    • Recommendation for Open Space
    • Trail Recommendations
    • Trail Amenities
    • Trail Construction Standards
    • Multi-Use Pathway / Trail Crossings of Roadways
    • Trail Safety and Security
    • One Possible Outcome - The P.O.S.T. Geography

Approved by the Board of Trustees on December 14, 2010.
Adopted by the Planning Commission on March 15, 2011.