Sales Tax

Sales taxes for the Town of Frederick are collected by the State of Colorado. To apply for a sales tax license or to make a payment for sales tax collections please visit Colorado Department of Revenue.

Town of Frederick -  3.5%

Weld County - 0.00%

State of Colorado - 2.9%

Property Tax - 6.555 mills

Property tax valuations and assessments are processed by the Weld County Assessor. For more information on this process, please visit the Weld County Assessor.

To make a property tax payment, please visit the Weld County Treasurer. 

Use Tax - 3.5%

These taxes are calculated and paid when a building permit is issued. 

Lodging Tax - 4.0%

This tax is collected by the Town of Frederick.  To apply for a lodging tax license or to make a payment for lodging tax collections please contact the Finance Director at 720.382.5500.