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 sro  Top 5 back to school safety tips for motorists:
  • Be on the lookout for school zone signals and ALWAYS obey the speed limits.
  • Be aware of and watch out for children near schools, bus stops, sidewalks, in the streets, in school parking lots, etc.
  • Watch out for school crossing guards and obey their signals.
  • When entering a school zone, be sure to slow down and obey all traffic laws.
  • Avoid using a cell phone while driving in a school zone.

Top 5 back to school safety tips for students walking to school:

  • Use the same route every day and don’t use shortcuts.
  • Go straight home after school. Do not go anywhere else without permission.
  • Always use public sidewalks and streets when walking to school.
  • Try and walk to school with other students. There is strength in numbers.
  • Always walk and never run across intersections.
 sparklers-923029__340  As the 4th of July approaches, we would like to let everyone know that legal fireworks are still allowed in the Town of Firestone and the Town of Frederick. Colorado has a state-wide ban on fireworks that explode or leave the ground, except for using pre-approved public displays. Click here for details and safety information.
Learn about reporting suspicious activity to the police.

The AMBER Alert™ Program is a voluntary partnership between law enforcement, news stations, transportation agencies and the wireless industry. This program sends out an urgent message in the most serious child abduction cases. The goal of an AMBER Alert is to instantly communicate with the whole community at once. This way, they can assist in the search for and the safe recovery of the child.


Crime Stoppers encourages members of the community to assist local law enforcement agencies in the fight against crime. Crime Stoppers is based on the idea that "someone other than the criminal has information that can solve the crime". Crime Stoppers allows people who provide information about crimes to remain anonymous. They also pay rewards when the information supplied leads to an arrest. Submit a Tip Online.

The police department encourages Emergency Preparedness. The community of Frederick should be prepared for large scale disasters. This could include tornadoes, aircraft crashes, explosions, hazardous material accidents, and other incidents. Ready Colorado and the Weld County Office of Emergency Management are two great places to start.
banner-logo.png ICE and HSI Victim Notification Program is provided in cooperation with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security.

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