Facade Improvement Program

Facade Improvement Revolving Loan Fund

The Town of Frederick, Colorado, recognizing the need to improve the downtown is establishing a Facade Improvement Revolving Loan/Grant Program Fund. The Town recognizes the value and need to create this program to compliment other downtown initiatives for the betterment of the community. The Town Staff in concert with the vision of the Mayor and Town Board accepted the challenge of creating a user-friendly revolving loan/grant program.

The maximum loan given through this program is up to $10,000 for a facade renovation project. This is a 0% interest loan.

The Town of Frederick administers the Revolving Loan Fund program and if desired can also offer facade design assistance.

Why a Facade Loan?

The revolving loan and facade improvement program exists to stimulate efforts to improve the street appearance in the downtown business district. This program is designed to produce visible changes to commercial and residential building facades in the designated downtown district and provide a more attractive area for citizens and visitors to enjoy. It also is designed to encourage economic development, community investment, and job creation. These goals will be accomplished through a financial incentive for the owners of buildings in the downtown area.

Since funding sources are limited, priority will be given to projects demonstrating the most substantial impact on building, and neighborhood aesthetics. Loans will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis (pending approval) and will be limited to one application per business through the term of the loan.


In downtown, the revolving loan fund is restricted to the following district boundary: Starting at WCR 16 and Main Street, travel south to 8th Street then east to Maple, North to 5th Street, then East to the furthest point of Downtown Zoning, then north to 4th Street, then westbound to Maple, North to WCR 16 and back to the point of beginning.


$10,000 maximum loan
0% Interest
Repayment required within three (3) years
Personal Guarantee/Promissory Note Required as Security
Properties must be structurally sound, roof intact, and meet basic public safety and construction codes.
Proposed facade improvements must also comply with all applicable building and zoning codes.

Qualifications/Eligible Uses:


Funds must be used for exterior facade rehabilitation of existing commercial and residential buildings within the designated target area(s). All properties must conform under the Town’s zoning ordinance. A commercial use that is non-conforming with respect to lot, bulk, or yard requirements and for which a variance has been granted, may be awarded funds under this program. Properties will not be eligible if any special assessments, real estate taxes or personal property taxes are delinquent. Buildings with multiple tenants must be remodeled in a unified manner.

Only one loan per building will be allowed in any consecutive 3-year period or until the existing loan has been satisfied. When a new tenant moves into a building which has received a loan within this three year period, that tenant will be eligible for loan assistance only with business signage unless the previous loan has been satisfied.


Owners, tenants, or owner/tenant joint ventures may submit applications under this program. Tenants must submit written approval of the property owner, evidence of their leasehold interest and must comply with requirements and standards as deemed necessary by Town of Frederick and the Revolving Loan committee.

Building owners with multiple tenants may submit applications under this program.   The amount of award for multiple tenant buildings is limited to the equivalent of the number of ground floor tenants that have either an entry or windows within the facade. The amount of loan for a building owner with multiple tenants is $10,000 per tenant; with a maximum of $30,000 should the building exceed three (3) tenants.

Eligible Facade improvement activities:

Funds may be used only for exterior repairs and/or improvements. Fronts, sides and rears of buildings are all eligible but priorities will be given to fronts or other portions of buildings, which are directly exposed to a street. Appropriate work includes the following:
Window/door repair or appropriate replacement work
Storefront rehabilitation, including removal of non-original siding
Repair of non-original materials which cannot be removed due to deterioration of the
underlying original building material
Sandblasting, cleaning or painting of exterior surfaces
Repair or restoration of architectural detailing
Awnings, signs and cornices
Other labor and materials used to rehabilitate the facade

Ineligible Facade improvement activities:

Program loan funds may not be utilized for any of the following uses:
Refinancing existing debt
Property acquisition
Roof replacement/repairs
Interior improvements, equipment, fixtures and/or furnishings
Inventory or operating capital
Site plan, building or sign permit fees
Property appraisal costs, legal fees, or loan origination fees
Labor costs paid to the owner/applicant or relatives of the owner/applicant
Reimbursement for costs incurred prior to the final approval of the loan


Applications are reviewed on a first-come, first-served basis. The project is administered through the Town and approved through the Town's Revolving Loan committee upon positive letter of reference from financial institution and/or others. Funds must be used for exterior facade rehabilitation within the designated target area(s). All properties must conform under the governing municipality's zoning ordinance. Since funding sources are limited, priority will be given to projects demonstrating the most substantial impact on a building and neighborhood aesthetics. Work must begin within three months of approval and be complete within one (1) year. The RLF is a reimbursement program.  The work will have to be complete and inspected by a representative of the loan committee and by the Town Building Official prior to payment.  Business will submit complete project invoices and loan will be issued within five (5) business days. The amount of the award will be based on the final itemized estimate. Owners, tenants or owner/tenant joint ventures may submit applications under this program. Tenant must have written approval of the property owner prior to approval of application. 

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