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Time Capsule Submission Form

  1. We’re putting together a time capsule that we’ll bury at the dedication of the entryway at Colorado Blvd and Hwy 52 this spring, and we need your help! Do you have an item you’d like to put in the time capsule? Or an idea for an item we can try to find to include in the time capsule? Fill out the form below and you could be a part of capturing history for future generations. If we choose your item or idea for the capsule, we'll contact you and you can put the item into the time capsule yourself during the celebration. Keep in mind that the capsule is not very big, so items should be relatively small, and reflect what life was like in the past and present in Frederick, Colorado.

  2. Please give us the phone number or email address you prefer to be contacted at if your item or idea is selected, or if we need more information from you.

  3. Please describe the item you would like to donate, or the idea you have for an item we can try to find. Please also include the approximate dimensions.

  4. Feel free to add any photos you have of the item or the idea here.

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