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Free Self Defense Class Sign-up Form

  1. The Frederick Police Department is excited to offer free self-defense classes. On February 25th 8 a.m.-12 p.m., the class will be open to women ages 15 and up who live in Frederick. The classes will include some valuable classroom-style instruction on awareness and preventative measures before diving into some basic physical self-defense techniques. Participants can do as much as they are comfortable with, so feel free to attend regardless of your physical ability. Be sure to wear comfortable clothing and bring water. There are 20 spots available, by signing up here you will be added to the list. Once all of the slots are filled, you'll be placed on a wait list.

  2. (This should be a number where you can be reached on the day of your class if needed.)

  3. T-shirts will be unisex style.

  4. I understand that I will be asked to sign the waiver/release of liability included below in person at the class. I am prepared to do this in order to participate in the class.

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