Colorado Boulevard Improvements

Through a public-private partnership in the form of an IGA with Miners Village Metropolitan District, critical road improvements will be made to Colorado Blvd. The five projects include a roundabout at Colorado Blvd. and 5th Street, a signal upgrade improvement at Hwy 52 and Flying Circle, an extension of William Bailey Avenue, an acceleration lane northbound from Highway 52 onto Colorado Blvd. and shoulder widening improvements on Hwy 52. The total cost of these projects will be shared between the developer and the town. Get a weekly update on this and all of our other construction projects here
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The following is a description of each improvement project. 

Colorado & 5th Roundabout:

This roundabout will improve safety and traffic flow at this intersection. Roundabouts have a number of advantages over signals which include being safer (providing fewer points of conflict for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians), more efficient (in terms of capacity and fuel emissions), lower maintenance cost, better aesthetics, lower energy consumption, and urban design opportunities. Pedestrian crossing distances are shorter due to islands and require only looking in one direction per crossing. Additionally, the lower speeds and geometry of a roundabout reduce the severity of collisions. See the graphic to your right for an illustration of this concept.

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roundabout conflict points graphic

Northbound Acceleration Lane at Colorado Blvd and Hwy 52:

A new addition to this project is an acceleration lane that will be located on Colorado Blvd northbound from the light at Highway 52. This will alleviate merging traffic from a highway to a major roadway.

Signal Upgrade Improvement at State Highway 52 and Flying Circle/Williams Bailey Ave.:

 This signal improvement includes the relocation of mast arms and the addition of a fourth mast arm for the William Bailey Avenue improvement. This would make this intersection a four-way intersection operating similarly as it does today.

William Bailey Avenue Extension:

William Bailey Avenue will be the northern leg of the current State Highway 52 and Flying Circle Blvd. signal. On the south leg of the signal in Dacono, the road is designated as Flying Circle Blvd. At this time, approximately a thousand-foot roadway is being built to the north in preparation for a development in the area. This road will eventually connect to Williams Bailey Ave. west of Frederick High School.

State Highway 52 Shoulder Widening Improvements:

The fourth project is construction of an acceleration/deceleration lane and shoulder on the north side of State Highway 52 east and west of the signal at Hwy 52 and the new William Bailey Avenue extension. This project is set to occur after the signal improvement is underway.
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