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Skate Park Pledge of Support

  1. Do you want to see a skatepark in Frederick? Then we need your help! In order to get grant funding for this project, we need to show strong community support, especially from those who will use the park. Please fill out the form below and get all of your friends and neighbors to fill it out too - the more community members we hear from, the better!

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  3. We're able to use direct quotes from community members in the grant applications, so give us your most heartfelt reasons why you want a skate park here.

  4. Skate Park Pledge*

    I promise to protect the future skate park to the best of my ability. I will keep it clean and even pick up trash left by others if I see it. I promise I will not vandalize the skate park and will report anything I see, in progress or after the fact, to the Frederick Police Department. I will let the Frederick Public Works team know about any maintenance that is needed in the area. I support the building of a skate park in Frederick wholeheartedly.

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  6. Would you like to be kept up to date on the status of this project as it progresses? Type your email address here. We won't use it for anything other than skate park-related news.

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