What are the benefits of having a municipality-owned utility to residents of Frederick?
We believe the Town can deliver electric service better, more cost effectively and more reliably. When United Power was providing operation and maintenance within the original Town boundaries, the costs to the Town averaged $50,000 per month. Since the Town took over operations and maintenance in this area, our costs have been cut in half. Further, by providing service through the Town’s electric utility, the dollars you spend on power will stay here in our community and will not be spent on projects that do not benefit our citizens. In the long run, we believe our energy costs will be even more competitive, as the Town can purchase power on the open market at the lowest available cost, while United Power will be tied to Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association Inc. (Tri-State G and T)’s escalating rates. Additionally, after the expansion, all residents and businesses in the Town of Frederick will receive electric service and related programs from Frederick Power & Light at the same rates, terms and conditions. It will be community-owned and operated and community-driven.

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1. I got a mailer from United Power saying that Frederick is building illegally in United Power’s territory, is that true?
2. What are the benefits of having a municipality-owned utility to residents of Frederick?
3. What factors will influence your decision on whether or not to proceed?
4. What will this cost the ratepayer? You say no rate increase – for how long?
5. How will you pay for it?
6. Are we taking money away from parks, road repairs to pay for this?
7. Why has the public not been informed until now?
8. Is this a done deal?
9. Will the Town provide all the services United Power does (rebates on LEDs, heat pumps, high efficiency appliances, etc.)?
10. How will the town keep residents informed on the status of this decision?
11. Did you terminate United Power’s operating and maintenance (O and M) contract or simply refuse to negotiate as they claim?
12. Why is local control so important?
13. Who initiated the idea to provide electricity to the entire town? How long have you been actively working on this?
14. When did the Board decide to move forward with this? Was the public consulted?
15. United Power tells us that this could cost us $35 million dollars, is that true?
16. What did United Power do wrong? Why the change?
17. I like my rebate check, will I get one from the Town?
18. People have bought solar panels through UP that are at the UP solar location in Brighton. They get the benefits from these panels. What will happen with these people and their investment?
19. What is N Line Electric's track record for repairs? I assume their company is much smaller than United Power.
20. What is the history of Frederick Power & Light?