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Posted on: December 20, 2017

Frederick’s Court Clerk Receives Champion of Restorative Justice Award

Linda Glantz Received Restorative Justice Award

This fall, the Longmont Community Justice Partnership (LCJP) honored Frederick’s Court Clerk, Linda Glantz, with a 2017 Champions of Restorative Justice Award. The award was given to people who are bringing access to restorative justice to more people through their work as professionals.

Glantz has taken on recruiting and training volunteers and coordinating the court and police to provide Restorative Justice as an alternative to the criminal justice system. When Frederick was awarded a JAG grant to provide a restorative justice program to the public, Glantz invited LCJP to support this new program with training and participated in conferences through Colorado Restorative Justice as a very effective community member.

According to LCJP’s Executive Director Kathleen McGoey, “Linda approaches Frederick’s new RJ program with care and intention to help it build gradually and successfully. We’re happy to have a neighbor community using restorative justice.”

 Under LCJP’s guidance, Glantz just recently facilitated Frederick’s first restorative justice to address a first-time offender’s case. LCJP’s program, which has been serving the Longmont community for 20 years, sees approximately 180 cases involving 300 victims and offenders per year with some incredible results. 90% of offenders who participate in LCJP’s program complete their contracts to repair harms and will not have a criminal charge on their record for their incident. 100% of participating Harmed Parties report that they felt the Responsible Person was held accountable for their actions. A study conducted of LCJP data in 2007-09, showed that only 10% of LCJP offenders will reoffend within 1 year of contract completion. During a 5 year pilot project in SVVSD schools, LCJP's work in schools led to avoidance of 350 suspensions, 20 expulsions, and 200 court citations.

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