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Posted on: September 6, 2017

Frederick Recall Election Results

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The results are in and all standing board members were affirmed. Mayor Carey and Trustees DeSantis, Figurilli, Hudziak and Skates will keep their seats on the Town of Frederick Board of Trustees. The following is a tally of the election results as the names appeared on the ballot:

Mayor Tony Carey Recall Question

Yes - 831

No – 1,144

Successor Candidates

Kristin Conroy                      586

Rusty (Richard) O’Neal      701

Trustee Salvatore “Sam” DeSantis Recall Question

Yes - 730

No – 1,231

Successor Candidates

Tracie Crites              740

D.W. Stark                 329

Trustee Rocky Figurilli Recall Question

Yes - 791

No – 1,148

Successor Candidates

Kristin Conroy          388

Gavin Payne             755

Trustee Donna Hudziak Recall Question

Yes - 789

No – 1,151

Successor Candidates

Bruce Griffith                        695

Lisa Hoxie                 513

Trustee Fred Skates Recall Question

Yes - 776

No – 1,162

Successor Candidates

David Adams                        605

John Cantrell                        279

Lyle SmithGraybeal 304

The judges processed 1,984 ballots, the most ever cast in the history of Frederick. The Town of Frederick has 8,323 registered voters. The election results will not be official until Thursday September 14th, in order to allow for the statute-required length of time for overseas military and absentee ballots to be received.

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