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Posted on: May 3, 2017

Statement from Frederick Regarding Firestone Home Explosion

The Town of Frederick continues to share in the sadness at the tragic loss of two outstanding Carbon Valley community members, Mark Martinez and Joey Irwin.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the Martinez and Irwin families as they grieve and Erin Martinez in her recovery.

Our priority is the safety of our community. We greatly appreciate the Frederick-Firestone Fire Protection District’s efforts in conducting a thorough investigation of the cause and origin of this fire as well as their assurance that there is no further immediate threat to the Firestone neighborhood where this happened. For more information on their investigation, please go to their website at

We support Governor Hickenlooper’s call for a statewide review of existing oil and gas operations. You can read more about what this entails on his website: The Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (COGCC) is the organization that regulates oil and gas operations in the state. This means that they make and enforce the rules and regulations regarding oil and gas operations within the state of Colorado, which limits the control the town has in this area. For more information about the roles that the COGCC and the town play in Oil and Gas development, please check out two articles we wrote last year on the topic as part of our What’s Developing series. You can also visit our Oil and Gas in Your Neighborhood page. Before the end of the week, we are meeting with the COGCC to better understand what actions they plan to take in ensuring the safety of our community in light of recent events. Residents and business owners may contact the COGCC directly at 888.235.1101 or go onto their website at, or email suggestions to

We will continue to communicate with our residents regarding any new information as it becomes available.

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