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Posted on: May 1, 2017

Frederick and Dacono Receive Federal Highway Safety Improvement Grant

Road Work Ahead

The Town of Frederick and the City of Dacono jointly submitted an application for and have been awarded a Federal Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP) Grant to improve the safety at the I-25/SH 52 interchange. The total estimated cost for this project is $484,982 and the grant awarded will cover $436,484. This leaves just 10% of the total project cost, roughly $50,000, to be split equally between the Town of Frederick and the City of Dacono. The grant will cover the addition of an eastbound acceleration lane at the SH 52/I-25 Interchange, where the northbound off-ramp of I-25 intersects with the eastbound SH 52 lane. The acceleration lane will continue to the right turn lane at the stoplight at the SH 52/East Frontage Road intersection.

The project will address safety issues caused by the current lack of an acceleration/merge lane.  Currently, vehicles must stop and wait for the eastbound traffic to be nonexistent before they merge. This situation can lead to fender-benders caused by the vehicle in front laying off the break and the vehicle in back bumping into it. In worse situations, the vehicle merges into the eastbound traffic and we have more serious accidents with possible injuries. As part of the application, traffic accident data was required. Over the past five years, there were 200 reported accidents. This does not include minor bumper contacts, which may have occurred at this location and were not reported. The outcome of this project will result in a significant improvement to safety and traffic flow in the general area of this interchange at a very nominal cost to Frederick and Dacono.

“It is collaborative projects like the one with the City of Dacono that are a testament to our cooperative natures and putting the community’s safety and interest first,” said Frederick Mayor, Tony Carey.

The general timeline for this grant will begin with the allocation of funds, which is expected to take place sometime around the end of July 2017. At that time, Frederick will issue an RFP for design services. Design services will be completed by the end of the 2017 calendar year, which will allow for a construction date of early 2018, and completion no later than June 2018. If there is an opportunity to accelerate this timeline, all parties involved will certainly pursue it. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the Town of Frederick.