Town of Frederick News

Posted on: April 4, 2017

Frederick Police Department Earns $20,000 POST Grant

Use of Force simulator

The office of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) recently awarded the Town of Frederick a grant for $20,890 to purchase a MILO Range system, which is an interactive firearms and force options training simulator. This system will allow officers to train on use-of-force related scenarios in an interactive environment. This advanced training system provides safe and realistic opportunities to effectively train officers on the appropriate selection of various use-of-force options. This ranges from officer presence and verbal commands, to intermediate weapons and deadly force. The realistic nature of the system allows officers to develop rational responses to threatening situations, instead of reacting with basic fight or flight responses.

“This system will help us meet the growing needs of the community,'said Frederick Police Commander Todd Norris, who wrote the successful grant proposal. "It will give the officers the skills and confidence they need to make sound decisions and safely serve their communities.”

The new system will be available for use by Frederick’s neighboring agencies including Dacono, Firestone and Fort Lupton.

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