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Posted on: January 27, 2017

Catching Up with Town of Frederick Scholarship Winners

2016 Scholarship Winners

The Town of Frederick scholarship applications become available on February 6th. We caught up with last year’s winners to talk to them about their life at college so far, how the scholarship has helped and advice for students planning to apply this year. Check out what they had to say!

Alana Carlson (referred to below as AC)
Graduated From: Niwot High School, 2016
Attending: University of British Columbia
Major: English & International Affairs

Hannah Stewart (referred to below as HS)
Graduated From: Niwot High School, 2016
Attending: CU Boulder
Major: Journalism & Communications

Q: How has college been compared to what you thought it would be?
AC: I've found college to be no different than my expectations. I love my classes and how they constantly push me to better myself as both a student and individual. The independence that comes from living alone has been both exciting and intimidating at times. It's exhilarating to only have to answer to myself and to be studying what I'm interested in.

HS: It’s pretty similar to what I thought it would be; I took IB classes throughout high school, which are college level and so I have felt fairly prepared for college. Growing up, I was always held accountable for my own work, which I think was an asset to me because of all the responsibility that is expected from the professors, However, many of my own professors have been far more understanding and flexible than I expected, which was a pleasant surprise for me.

Q: What is the most important thing you’ve learned so far?
AC: The most important thing I've learned so far is about the evolution of ideas and how that impacts the modern day. In one of my classes we've been studying classical philosophical works and reading in chronological order. It's interesting to see how ideas evolve over time, how they build on each other, and how things that were proposed 2000 years ago are still present in our thinking today.

HS: I’ve always known that time management is vital; but college really shows you the extent that time management matters. I also have a part time job at the campus bookstore, and taking 16 credits means that I have a lot on my plate. I have to be extra careful in how I schedule so that I leave enough time for everything I have to do. Unlike elementary through high school, there’s no one to tell you that you can do something after you finish your homework. I’ve found myself accountable for that and have realized the importance of managing school time and me time so that I don’t feel burnt out while also accomplishing what I need to.

Q: How has the Town of Frederick scholarship helped you?
AC: The Town of Frederick scholarship has helped me by alleviating some of my stress related to paying for school.

HS: Without the Town of Frederick scholarship, I may have needed to take a year off to work so as to save money for college. Knowing that my community came together to support my academic aspirations has helped to motivate me to do my best, which resulted in my achieving a GPA of 3.85 for my first semester of college!

Q: What are you most excited for moving forward in your college experience?
AC: I'm extremely excited to build on the work I've already done and to continue to refine my writing.

HS: I’m really excited to take more classes. I’ve always loved school and knowing that I have total control over my schedule is really exhilarating. In high school, you really can only choose which electives to take, but in college, I’m able to pick and choose which classes interest me that will also satisfy requirements for my major.

Q: Are you still on the same track or have you changed majors/career paths since beginning college?
AC: I haven't changed what track I'm on.  I still intend to pursue a double major in English and International Relations with a minor in Spanish.

HS: I’m mostly on the same track since beginning college; CU requires that every student have dual degrees. I’m still a communication major in the new College of Media, Communication, and Information which is really cool because everyone in the college works together at some point, regardless of their major. I haven’t declared a minor yet, but I am leaning toward minoring in Spanish because I think it will improve my value as a communicator if I am more bilingual.

Q: What would you say to high school seniors who may be thinking about applying for the Town of Frederick scholarship this year?
AC: To seniors applying for the scholarship this year I would tell them to be true to themselves and genuine when talking about themselves. Don't tell the committee what you think they want to hear; tell them what you truly believe because it is that conviction that will take you far in life.

HS: Definitely apply for the Town of Frederick scholarship! It’s not one of those scholarships where millions of seniors are applying and the application process is super hard. Obviously, you have to show the scholarship committee that you are committed to your academic success, but you don’t have to be a “super student” with a 4.0 GPA and a 36 on your ACT. These are people who want to help you succeed, and if you put your best foot forward, this is a scholarship that is a great starting point.

Applications for the Town of Frederick scholarship will be available beginning February 6th at the link below. Community members can also nominate students by filling out the nomination form that is also available at that link. Nominations are due March 31st, and applications are due April 7th.

Scholarship Applications and Nominations
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