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Posted on: January 26, 2017

2017 Budget Highlights

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In December 2016, the Mayor and Board of Trustees approved the budget for the fiscal year 2017, which runs from January until December. The approval of this budget guarantees that 2017 will be an exciting year for the Town of Frederick. There will be no reduction in the services that are delivered to the community. While appropriations of the budget call for use of unreserved fund balances (savings), the Town anticipates over $20 million in unreserved funds across all fund types at the end of the 2017 fiscal year. All the while, the Town continues to enjoy a AA rating from Standard & Poor’s, the world’s leading provider of credit ratings. Here are some of the highlights of the 2017 budget.

Neighborhood and Community Enhancements  

  • Community BBQ Tour – The Town Board will continue its Community BBQ Tour with stops throughout the community. This allows them to listen to citizens provide ideas and thoughts on how to continue making Frederick a place they are proud to call home.
  • Strategic Plan – The Town completed its first strategic plan (available on our website) which outlines just a portion of the Town's internal and external goals. This plan will positively impact the community and promote forward movement.
  • Skate Park Development – Staff, along with a respected skate park consulting company, completed the design of a skate park in 2016.  A great deal of public input from skaters was taken into the design to ensure it meets the needs of the skating community. The Town is now actively seeking funding for this project. We have submitted grants which we hope to receive positive feedback from in late March or early April. With funding in place, the Town can construct the first phase of a two-phase project in the community. The skate park will be built at the Frederick Recreation Area.

Transportation Infrastructure- Roadway Improvements

  • Roadway Reconstruction Projects – The Town will be making improvements to Tipple Parkway from the East Frontage Road to Silver Birch Boulevard.  When completed, this road will be a three-lane road section. It will also include storm drainage improvements that will allow for drainage of a 100-year-storm event.  This project compliments Agilent Technologies new facility, which will create over 150 jobs when fully built out. 
  • Pavement Maintenance – The Town will put $750,000 towards pavement maintenance programming for the 2017 year. This program will include striping a number of roadways which includes downtown.
  • Downtown Alleyway Improvements – The Town has allocated funding to begin its second year of a planned seven-year project to pave the alleyways in downtown. A section of these alleyways will be completed each year until all the alleys are completed.    
  • Trail Development – Several trail sections will be constructed during 2017. The Town has applied for a grant in the amount of over $300,000 to develop safe routes to school trails along Ridgeway Blvd (WCR 15) to Downtown Frederick. We should hear feedback from this grant in March or April. Other trails sections will include a connection from No Name Creek and The Farm neighborhoods to the south for access to Frederick Recreation Area. The Milavec Lake Trail will also be improved while maintaining its natural condition.

Water Planning

  • Water Programming – The Town continues to work towards securing critical and needed water systems as we continue to grow. This includes the Northern Integrated Supply Project (NISP), a joint project with 13 water entities. The Town is also a partner in the Windy Gap Water Project.
  • Raw Water Extension – The Town is working to expand its raw water services to various additional parks to reduce our reliance on potable water. These include Coal Ridge Park, Johnson Farms, Fox Run, and Summit View. The Town will work to complete its Wyndham Hill pond programming. This will deliver raw water to park areas in the Wyndham Hill neighborhood.

Electric Utility

  • Service Reliability – The Town will continue to make critical improvements to ensure its over 2,200 service customers have reliable and affordable power. We'll do this by upgrading a primary line and looping this service.
  • Utility Evaluation Programming – The Town is expected to complete its evaluation of acquiring the additional electric utility. This will include developing a pro forma to determine the viability of owning and operating a complete reliable electrical utility system within the town limits of Frederick. 
  • Net Metering and Other Rebate Programs – The Town continues to offer its customers LED, energy star appliance and other energy reduction rebates critical to saving customers money.

 This is certainly not everything that is included in the budget, but just some of the items you will see throughout the 2017 calendar year.  If you have questions or comments, please let us know.  Some of the best ideas and outcomes are directly from your feedback.  This shared approach is critical for the community’s success.

To learn more about the budget process, check out this video:

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