Development Center

The Development Center is your starting point to developing land within or moving your business to the Town of Frederick. Whether you’re looking for the perfect business location, want to build houses or develop a commercial center this site should be helpful to you.

Current Development Projects and

Available Properties and Buildings

Looking for information about available land within Frederick or looking for an existing structure? Want to find out about development or construction activity within Frederick? Frederick offers an interactive mapping tool to answer those questions. Just look for the bulldozer icon at the top of the interactive map to get started.

Development Review Process

All types of development within the Town of Frederick are required to go through a development review process as outlined in the Land Use Code.  The following general categories include all potential planning actions related to development in Frederick.
  • Pre-application - information on how to get started, including pre-app procedures, checklists, and submittal dates
  • Conceptual - includes annexation, preliminary plats and preliminary development plans
  • Subdivision - includes final plats and subdivision amendments
  • Use Modification - includes zoning amendments, PUDs, special use permits, conditional uses, variances and waivers
  • Site Specific - includes site plans, final development plans
  • Rule Change - includes zoning code amendments, comprehensive plan amendments, variances and waivers

Public Improvements and Utility Construction

Unless adequate public improvements and utility services are already in place, all development must have construction plans approved as part of the development review process or, with Board approval, after the land use approval but prior to issuance of any building permit. Public improvements must be constructed and accepted by the town prior to issuing a building permit for residential development and prior to issuing a certificate of occupancy for commercial or industrial development.

Building Permits and Inspections

All land and development improvements require approval from the Building Inspection Division.  Link to the resources listed below to help you through that process.


Reference Materials