Weekly Construction Update

Each week during construction season, we'll be updating this page with information about the progress on our construction projects. Off season updates (November-March) will be less frequent due to less activity.

Trail Construction

11/14/17 - Construction of three trail segments (west side of Colorado Blvd between Majestic and Iris, north side of Bella Rosa Pkwy between Grand Mesa and Sandpiper including a pedestrian crossing of Bella Rosa, and connecting segments near the northwest corner of Godding Hollow Pkwy and Silver Birch Blvd) and resurfacing of the Milavec Lake trail are well underway. Each segment where new trail is being constructed has been cleared and grubbed. We anticipate forms for the concrete will begin to be placed the week of November 20th. Additionally, the resurfacing of Milavec Lake trail will being the week of November 27th and is expected to continue into January. This resurfacing will require the trail around the lake to be closed during that time.

Tipple Pkwy (CR 16)

11/15/17 - Paving and the box culvert are complete. Final construction items underway include ditch grading, reseeding, erosion control, some minor drainage pip, striping and signage of the road. Even though the roadway may appear complete, public access is discouraged until the contractor has completed all operations. Traffic control and detours will remain in place. The project should be completed in December.

Hwy 52/William Bailey Improvements 

8/8/17 - Hwy 52 widening is complete. Check out more information on the improvements on our Colorado Boulevard Improvements webpage.

Pavement Maintenance

9/26/17 - This project will consist of striping, cracksealing, patching, and chipseal throughout town. Areas of highest priority include Bella Rosa Parkway (CR 20) from Colorado Blvd (CR 13) to the East I-25 Frontage Road and Downtown Frederick, specifically the intersection of 5th and Main Streets. Patching and chipsealing on Bella Rosa Pkwy is complete aside from minor clean up efforts. Crack sealing is complete in all neighborhoods. A milling and patching operation at 5th and Main Street has been completed. 

Concrete and Alleyway Maintenance Improvements

8/8/17 -  This project is complete for 2017. 

Raw Water Metering Improvements

9/26/17 - This project is complete. All raw water meters have been installed.

Maple Ridge Development Construction

6/27/17 - The work on Tipple for this project is complete. There is still construction taking place in the area so please be aware of construction traffic in the area.