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When to Call 911
By Det. Dave Baumhover #975
Frederick Police Department

When to call 911 can be a confusing thing sometimes. Typically, people will downplay an incident and don’t call 911 when they should have. In an emergency situation, a few moments can make a world of difference. In rare cases, 911 operators receive calls that would not be considered an emergency. The purpose of this article is provide some guidance when to call 911 and when not to.

The Frederick Police Department receives calls for service through Weld County Communications (dispatch), as do most municipalities located in Weld County. When you call 911, you’re connected directly with a dispatcher who immediately begins relaying information to 1st responders (police, fire, medical, etc.). 

Because abrupt medical situations have the potential to turn bad quickly, they are considered emergencies and warrant a 911 call. Other types of emergencies that warrant 911 calls are things like injury accidents including car accidents, construction accidents, etc. Criminal events such as an active assault, robbery, burglary, or even some trespasses. For example, if you observe someone climb the fence into your backyard and you didn’t allow them to, it is considered a trespass. And if you don’t know the person or their intent, it would warrant a 911 call. If someone enters your car to steal things, it is also considered to be a (1st Degree) trespass. If you observe the perpetrator actively rummaging through your car, it warrants a 911 call. If the perpetrator is no longer in your car, it would then be considered a “cold call” and a non-emergency incident. 

Non-emergency calls can be placed directly to dispatch as well via a non-emergency phone number, which is 720-652-4222. In addition to “cold calls,” reports of code violations, traffic complaints, barking dogs, etc. can also be initiated by calling the non-emergency phone number. If you’re seeking specific information regarding Frederick Police events, fingerprinting, VIN checks or the like, then call the Police Department directly at 720-382-5700.

Short of calling to order a pizza, calling 911 is not as restrictive as some people perceive. If you honestly feel you’re in an emergency situation, then make the call. A few wasted moments can affect the overall outcome of an incident.