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Smart Phone Safety
By Det. Dave Baumhover #975
Frederick Police Department

Do you cringe when you hear, “Mom/Dad, can I get a cell phone?” Or, “Can I get a data plan?” If so, you have every right to. Although smart phones provide access to unlimited information, they also provided access to an unlimited sinister world. The trolls in this world literally spend hundreds of hours preying on unsuspecting young people. 

Quite often, these young people end up being victims of extortion when a perpetrator tricks them into doing something they normally wouldn’t do. Once they have what they need, they’ll begin demanding money or additional explicit photos and/or videos. 

If your minor child already has a cell phone, then it’s important to know they have NO privacy rights and you (parent or guardian) can do whatever you want with it. Even if your minor child saved up to purchase the $1000 iPhone X and pays for the service, they still have no privacy rights and you (parent or guardian) can snoop through that pricey device whenever you deem it necessary.  By the way, keep an eye out for fake apps disguised as calculators or any app that presents itself as “safe for all.” 

The internet offers an abundance of information about good and bad apps. If you educate yourself and stay on top of what your kiddos are doing with their phones, you’ll lessen the chance of them straying into a place they shouldn’t be. If you wouldn’t leave your child alone in a mall, then don’t leave them alone in the web. Good luck!