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Text-to-911 Now Available
By Det. Dave Baumhover #975
Frederick Police Department

As with nearly all municipalities within Weld County, the Town of Frederick uses Weld County Public Safety Communications (dispatch) for Police and EMS/Fire calls for service. 
Recently, Weld County dispatch published an article regarding support of the nationwide Text-to-911 service now available to Weld County residents and visitors.  This alternative is a great addition but should only be used when it’s too dangerous to call or is not an option due to poor cell service, impairments, etc.

The service is not without some limitations so I advise you to review more detailed information about how the system works and what to expect. Weld County dispatch created an FAQ page with some good information and a How To video. Check out Weld County's website for more information about the Text-to-911 service.
Keep in mind the text-to-911 service cannot track your location so including it to your initial text will speed things up. The dispatcher will likely ask you several more questions but if they have your location and the nature of your emergency they can dispatch emergency personnel immediately and as required.