What's Developing in Frederick

There are all kinds of development happening today in Frederick and this monthly article will profile at least one new project so you can stay up to date on how your community is growing!

Understanding CDOT vs. Town Roadways

The Engineering Department is once again taking over What’s Developing to give residents more information about our transportation system, and who maintains and develops different parts of it. 

Many motorists believe that CDOT maintains local and residential roads, including neighborhood streets.  However, cities and counties are responsible for local and residential roads – not CDOT.  Specifically, there are 4 CDOT roadways in the Frederick Town Limits – this is State Highway 52, I-25 and the East and West I-25 Frontage Roads.  This is a typical situation for CDOT ownership.  They will have ownership of roadways that carry a large volume of traffic and/or make an important connection for a community to the rest of the state’s roadway network.  Other nearby highways that they own and maintain includes State Highway 119 to the north, State Highway 7 to the south and State Highway 85 to the east.  Improvement projects and maintenance on large roadways with high volumes of traffic can be costly and impactful to the transportation network.  CDOT has the ability to adequately fund and maintain these high volume roadways. 

The Town is the primary point of contact for residents and businesses concerned about roadway projects and maintenance.  Typically CDOT will inform the Town when it has a project going on or when maintenance work is being done in its right-of-way and contacting the Town would hopefully prove to be a simpler and quicker way to get information. If a resident has a specific transportation concern, not currently being addressed, the Town Engineering Department or the Town Public Works Department would initiate the call to CDOT.  To the extent possible the Town and CDOT will coordinate efforts to inform the public on the functionality of these four roadways, but ultimately it is CDOT who has the responsibility for keeping them open and operational.

That leaves our Engineering Department and Public Works Department responsible for 76 paved miles and 7 gravel miles of roadway within the Town’s 14 square mile boundary.  The Town website has a very good interactive map to help you understand which roads are owned and maintained by the Town of Frederick.  It can definitely get confusing knowing whether you are on a Town of Frederick road, a Weld County road or a neighboring town’s road.  The best bet is to check the Town’s website or call the Town Engineering Department and we will be happy to help.
The condition of the Town’s entire transportation system is evaluated every 3 years and improvement and maintenance projects are planned and budgeted through a pavement management system.  More to come on this in next month’s episode on the annual pavement maintenance program!