What's Developing in Frederick

There are all kinds of development happening today in Frederick and this monthly article will profile at least one new project so you can stay up to date on how your community is growing!

Welcoming a New School to the Community

By Town of Frederick Planning Staff

A new elementary school is being built in the Wyndham Hill neighborhood, adjacent to Aggregate Boulevard/County Road 7. The land for this school was designated as a school site with the Wyndham Hill Preliminary Development Plan in 2005 when the developer agreed to provide 10 acres for a school site. With the passage of the St. Vrain Valley School District bond in the fall of 2016, funds became available to build this school.

When a new school is built, neighbors tend to have questions similar to the following. Will children in the neighborhood go to that school? How will kids be able to walk to the school? Where will the entrance to the school be? How will traffic flow work on the site? What will the school look like?

Schools themselves (the buildings) are not governed by the development rules of the Town, but are rather governed by State of Colorado rules. The Town is able to review general site development such as grading, drainage, and transportation and has done so for this school site. Improvements are underway to construct the site improvements according to Town specifications. The bus entrance to the site will be off Woolley Street on the north side of the site. Parent and visitor access to the site will be off Aggregate Boulevard on the east side of the site. When the building is under construction, inspectors from the State will be involved in ensuring that it meets the requirements of the State.

The neighborhood plan does have a trail connection that runs along the southern end of the site (running east/west) that has an underpass to the east side of Aggregate Boulevard. With the improvements to Aggregate Boulevard, a new sidewalk will be installed along the western edge of the roadway/eastern edge of the school site. Sopeka Point Drive will be extended to the north and have sidewalks continued. And on the northern end of the school a new road called with Woolley Street will be built with sidewalks as well.

The District will determine the attendance boundary for the school. This includes which neighborhoods will be walkers and where busing will be provided. The District is also responsible for the design of the building and site. If you’re interested in seeing the proposed building elevation or site plan, please reach out to District Director of Construction and Maintenance, Todd Piccone. The next District meeting regarding the new school will be held in the fall. If you would like to receive updates from St. Vrain Valley Schools as planning and construction progresses on the elementary school in the Wyndham neighborhood, you can join their email list at: http://stvra.in/elem27updates.