What's Developing in Frederick

There are all kinds of development happening today in Frederick and this monthly article will profile at least one new project so you can stay up to date on how your community is growing!

Using Maps to Learn About Development Review

We all know life gets crazy and you can’t always drop everything and call the Town when you drive past a yellow development review sign. So, we’ve tried to make development review projects more accessible and easy to find, at any hour, on our website. Don’t worry though, you can still call the Planning Department if you don’t have access to a computer, or walk into Town Hall Monday-Friday to chat in person.   

What is development review? In short, development review is the process to approve a project prior to building permit. It’s the approval of the outside of the building and site, while the building permit focuses on the inside of the building. It lays out the use, parking lot, landscaping, utilities, and other aspects of a new building site.

Development Applications Map

There is so much great information on the active development map. You can find it on our homepage, or the bottom of any page on our site, by clicking on the compass icon shown here: 

Once you click on the Maps/GIS icon you’ll see a list of maps available. Select “Development Applications.”

Once the Development Application map launches, you’ll see diamonds which indicate the applications currently under review within the Town of Frederick.

Administrative projects are shown in purple. These projects do not go to public hearing because they are generally smaller in scope.

Minor projects are shown in orange. These projects require a public hearing before the Planning Commission and include actions like final plats, conditional uses and minor subdivisions.

Major projects are shown in green. These projects require a public hearing before the Board of Trustees and can include actions like annexations, variances and rezones.


Clicking on the colored diamonds will give you more information about the specific project. In the pop-up you’ll see a summary, the planner assigned and a link to the actual documents submitted to the Town. In a typical submittal you may see building elevations, landscape plans or drainage reports depending on the project type. Please feel free to e-mail or call the planner if you have any questions about the project or you’d like information on when and where the hearing will be held. We encourage the community to get involved!

Other Helpful Maps
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