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The Boomer Bond Assessment Tool

Learn more about how DRCOG's Boomer Bond is readying Frederick for the Silver Tsunami

Twenty years from now, one in four people along the Front Range will be 60 or older. In the next ten years, the region will experience a more than 40% increase in the 60-plus population. This growth in older adult population will bring increased demands for aging services. The Town of Frederick recently partnered with the City of Dacono and the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG) to complete the Boomer Bond Assessment. The Boomer Bond Assessment tool is a comprehensive resource local governments can use to identify local successes and challenges in supporting healthy and successful aging in their community. This work was focused on looking at older adult population growth and the associated ways each community can be prepared for it with a goal or creating age-friendly physical and social environments allowing older adults to remain in the community as long as they desire.

The assessment looks at both what currently exists and what can be done to achieve the goal of providing a community where our aging population can remain. Four main topic areas were considered including housing, mobility and access, community living, and support services. Over five months, staff from each community, DRCOG, and community agencies including the Weld County Area Agency on Aging, the Carbon Valley Senior Center, considered these topics and searched for resources to assist our aging population.  

As a result, we’ve realized that there are a number of resources within the community already being used. For example, Senior Resource Services is a non-profit that matches volunteers who can drive with seniors who need rides to things like doctor’s appointments or the grocery store. Another is the Snow Buddies Program that the town partners with the Carbon Valley Senior Center to match snow shoveling volunteers with seniors who need their snow shoveled. And yet another is the Weld County Senior Nutrition Lunch Program that serves lunch each Thursday at the Carbon Valley Recreation Center. While some programs are currently funded through the county, others rely purely on volunteers so can only be as effective as the number of volunteers willing to help. As the number of older adults grows, the demand for these services will as well. Additionally, there are much larger gaps such as the scarcity of multi-family properties that could potentially provide housing for this population, and the limited transportation services in the area compound the difficulties for some living in the community.

The answers to solving these challenges are not crystal clear, but it is important to recognize the value of having people of all ages in a community. While the first step is identifying those challenges, we must also acknowledge that we as a community have work to do to keep them all here. 

If you’re interested in volunteering with an organization that serves seniors, here are a few that are helping out Carbon Valley seniors right now. 
Senior Resource Services
Meals on Wheels
Snow Buddies