What's Developing in Frederick

There are all kinds of development happening today in Frederick and this monthly article will profile at least one new project so you can stay up to date on how your community is growing!

Rooftop Roundup

By Chris Kennedy, AICP
Town of Frederick Planner

A little over a year ago, we provided an update on the approval of the Village East and Hidden Creek subdivisions that created lots for over 600 new homes in Frederick.  Since then, the housing market in northern Colorado has remained strong, and other developers of residential property are also looking to subdivide.  So, in this month’s edition of “What’s Developing?” we will be speculating about the number of rooftops that might come into the picture in 2017 and in what areas we might see them.  Subdivisions that are likely candidates for residential growth this year include Wyndham Hill, Silverstone, Maple Ridge and Victory Valley.  

Wyndham Hill 
After a long recession, things have finally heated up again in Wyndham Hill, located at the northwest corner of I-25 and Hwy 52.  In 2016, developers “re-platted” a number of lots.  This means that they rearrange the way some of the lots in the subdivision are laid out, usually at the request of potential homebuilders.  Re-platting is a common practice, particularly for older, vacant lots that may not meet the demands of today’s housing market, like the ones in Wyndham that were created before the recession and may have been too large for some of today’s more price-conscious buyers.  The result of all the “re-platting” in 2016 was the reconfiguration and sale of 195 lots to homebuilders in Wyndham Hill.

For 2017, developers plan to do preliminary work that will ready the remaining 286-acre (approximate) single-family area in the subdivision to be divvied up into lots that homes can be built upon.  Their plan is not to develop all of that area right away, but about 150 or 160 additional new lots could be subdivided and sold to home builders in the remaining areas of Wyndham Hill in 2017 and early 2018. 

Silverstone (formerly Miner’s Village)
Since its annexation in 1991, the 484-acre Silverstone property located at the northwest corner of Colorado Blvd and Hwy 52, has sat vacant waiting for local residential demand to catch up with available supply.  But with all of the residential growth that has been occurring in Wyndham Hill, Carriage Hills, Maplewood and other subdivisions, it appears as though Silverstone’s time has come.  Developers have submitted preliminary plans for a portion of the site that will eventually yield 256 new lots.  The owners of the property, which also own Wyndham Hill, hope to create and sell about 160 of those lots to homebuilders in 2017. 

Maple Ridge
Much like Wyndham Hill, the Maple Ridge subdivision, located off Tipple Pkwy to the north about midway between Ridgeway Blvd and Colorado Blvd, was originally created, or “platted,” back before the recession.  And while some homes were built at that time, much of the neighborhood has sat vacant for a decade or more.  As demand for housing in the area continues to heat up, so has the motivation to build in Maple Ridge.  The Board of Trustees recently approved a “re-plat” application to ensure that the streets in the neighborhood will be built wider than they would have been when the subdivision was originally approved.  The re-plat also eliminated previously existing alleys designed to serve homes featuring detached, rear-facing garages, which are not in high demand in the current market.  The re-plat will allow for the construction of 89 new homes in the area.

Westview, which is situated just west of Countryside off Tipple Pkwy to the north, about midway between Colorado Blvd and Silver Birch Blvd, is another subdivision that was approved before the recession.  However, the 121 lots that were approved did not need to be re-platted and only required Town staff to review plans for the streets and utilities, so homes in Westview can be built at any time, likely beginning in 2017.    

Victory Valley
The owners and developers of the proposed Victory Valley Subdivision, located generally southeast of the Aggregate Blvd/Godding Hollow Pkwy intersection, have submitted preliminary plans that could result in 36 (or more) large-lot homes on 40 acres of land.  The project, which is part of the original Bality-Hardy Annexation of 2008, will likely come along in phases, beginning with three estate-sized lots, with subsequent phases to follow.