EVSE Charging Stations

In 2015, The Town of Frederick won a Charge Ahead Colorado grant to install two electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE) charging stations in town. These new stations will allow battery electric vehicles and plug-in hybrid vehicles to power up. Click the green circles on the map below for each EVSE's address.

Charge Ahead Colorado is a partnership between the Regional Air Quality Council (RAQC) and the Colorado Energy Office (CEO) to improve air quality. Charge Ahead Colorado supports the use of electric vehicles across the state of Colorado by funding them and EVSE.

“Frederick’s electric charging stations are adding to the upward trend of innovation in vehicle fuels in Colorado,” says Wes Maurer, CEO's transportation program manager. “Over the past couple of years, Colorado has gone from 79 publicly available charging stations in 2013 to now nearly 250 statewide.”

For more facts about the benefits of electric vehicles in Colorado, check out www.RefuelColorado.com.