Advanced Meters

In 2015, Frederick Power & Light upgraded our electric system with advanced meters. What is an advanced meter you ask? It is a new technological improvement that increases efficiency and reliability for better customer service. These new meters will allow data to come directly to us so we can cut out the meter readers coming onto your property, saving time and money. They also help us identify problems in real-time so we can respond to outages more quickly and be more proactive in keeping them from happening again.

Advanced Meter Fact Sheet

Stay Connected with Account Information and Outages 

Another benefit of the advanced meters is the ability to provide two communication tools that give you a simple and convenient way to get the most current information related to your electric service.  The Energy Access customer portal and mobile app (Play Store or App Store and search for Town of Frederick) allow residential users to access their electric account 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Residential customers who sign up can view their monthly and historic usage, report an outage and enroll in our notification program so you can be alerted via text or email if there are outages in the area.  You’ll also be able to access Express Bill Pay for easier online payment capabilities.  Sign up now (instructions.pdf ) and start monitoring your energy consumption today!

Radio Frequency Safety

The following resources have more information on the safety of the radio frequency used by advanced meters.

Elster Solutions - the company that makes Frederick Power & Light's advanced meters

Infographics - these illustrations give you a better idea of an advanced meter's radio frequency compared to other household items, courtesy of the City of Fort Collins, who also uses Elster advanced meters.