Flood Information

As we continue moving forward from the flooding that took place beginning September 12, 2013, this page will provide updates that affect residents as well as resources that residents can use to find information about everything from volunteering to signing up for CodeRed warnings.

Flood Repair Update & Listening Session
A three-page special update was sent out to residents in May and September 2014, and currently weekly construction updates are posted on our website. It is our hope that these updates provides some information that will help residents understand the processes we are current. Please feel free to email us any questions you have.

Road Closures

All roads are open, however some have emergency repairs that will require further repair to get back to a final product that is permanent. It is important to understand that many roads suffered significant damage and wash-out from the storm, and the process to complete emergency repairs and permanent repairs will take time, so that damage can be completely assessed, funds and plans can be created and approved by multiple agencies before being bid out and then finally repaired. Read more about each area's damage and proposed repairs in our Frederick Flood Damage Report. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to follow the processes put in place to repair these roads for your continued use.

Volunteering & Donating
Check out United Way of Weld County's website to sign up for opportunities to volunteer and to donate funds or items to the relief effort. You can also call 211 from a land line or 1-800-559-5590 from a cell phone to volunteer or donate.

Disaster Food Assistance
The Weld Food Bank Emergency Food Box program is available to any resident of Weld County who is in need of food assistance. The Weld Food Bank provides a box of basic food staples to qualified families or individuals in crisis. Recipients are determined by agency referral or intake evaluations by staff. Clients must bring in proof of residency, a photo ID, and either a Social Security Card or another form of ID for the other household members. For more information, call 970-356-2199 or visit their website. The Carbon Valley Help Center is also a great local resource for connecting those in need with many different services available throughout the county.

Be Wary of Repair Scams
It is important to exercise caution when dealing with anyone offering to do flood repairs. These are often scams that come out to prey on unsuspecting residents. FEMA has some great tips on consumer safety during flood recovery. FEMA also offers legal assistance for disaster-related problems such as insurance claims, drawing up new wills or other legal documents lost in the disaster and help with home repair contracts and contractors, read more here.

Returning to a Flood Damaged Home
FEMA has some information you'll need upon returning to a home damaged by flooding. Mold is often an unseen and not thought of issue that can be harmful to your health. This 211 Relief and Recovery Assistance Guide has some helpful information on cleaning procedures to follow.

CodeRed Warnings
Don't wait for another emergency, make sure you are signed up for CodeRed notifications now! Signing up for CodeRed is free and easy, and you can have emergency notifications sent via phone call, text message or email.

Small Businesses
The Small Business Administration (SBA) offers disaster loans to help small business owners back on their feet.
SBA Disaster Loan Fact Sheet Three Ways to Apply for SBA Disaster Loans

Weld County Resource Information Sheet

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