Community Relations

Community Relations is responsible for communications, activities, programs, and events that enhance Frederick's quality of life and sense of community. The community relations manager is the primary source of all official forms of public communications including news releases, brochures, social media, and newsletters.

The events coordinator is the main point of contact for all of the town’s community event planning and management, and serves as a liaison to multiple commissions regarding these responsibilities. Community programming, such as the Adopt a Place Program and youth outreach programming, are also handled by the Community Relations team.

If you have an idea for a new community program or event, feel free to contact the Community Relations team. We’re happy to hear from you!
  1. Caring for Wind-Damaged Trees

    A Weld County Master Gardener gives some tips for taking care of wind-damaged trees after the recent high winds. Read on...
  2. Catching Up with Town of Frederick Scholarship Winners

    The Town of Frederick scholarship applications become available February 6th. We caught up with last year’s winners to talk to them about how the scholarship has helped and advice for students planning to apply this year. Check out what they had to say! Read on...
  3. Frederick Power & Light Upgrades Street Lighting

    The Town of Frederick is getting a new, and brighter look on the streets! Last year, Frederick Power & Light upgraded the lighting along some of our more heavily travelled streets, and plans to do more in 2017. Read on...
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