Downtown Revitalization

One of the key objectives identified by the Mayor and Board of Trustees was the need to place an assertive and strong emphasis on the revitalization of Downtown Frederick. Accordingly in the 2013 budget year, the board approved an aggressive emphasis on the revitalization and redevelopment process that will compliment the Downtown Development Plan completed in December 2009. Downtown Frederick is poised and prepared for success – join us!

Programs & Initiatives

Programs and initiatives that are planned for accomplishment in the downtown include the following:

Organizational Development

Organizational development involves building Downtown Frederick with a framework and foundation that is well represented by businesses, property owners, residents, public officials, Chambers of Commerce, and other local economic development entities for success. With this in mind the following components are being achieved in 2013: 
  • Regular meetings involving various entities with plans to establish an independent Downtown Business Association that promotes their businesses, sponsors events, and organizes for the betterment of the downtown goals and objectives. For more information about the Downtown Business Association, please contact Matt LeCerf
  • Creation of an Entertainment District to be coupled with downtown promotional events for outdoor entertainment.

Promotional Development

Through promotional events, the goal is to create excitement in downtown. In cooperation with the downtown businesses, a number of downtown festivals, a weekly farmer’s market, and image development campaigns are some of the ways Downtown Frederick will encourage customer traffic.

For more information, please contact Angela Wilson and check out the downtown events calendar.

Design Enhancements

Enhancing the attractiveness of the downtown district, design improvements result in a reinvestment of public and private dollars to downtown and improve the physical image of the downtown as a quality place to shop, work, walk, invest in, and live. The town will make substantial investments into the design component of downtown while adhering to existing downtown plan design standards. Some of the notable improvements to design this year will include: 
  • Creation of a Revolving Loan Fund for commercial businesses for facade enhancement including a wide array of improvements. This loan fund has available $100,000 for design improvements. For more information please contact Jennifer Simmons, Planning Director.  
  • Construction of a Gazebo in Crist Park that will play host to the Downtown Sounds concert series.
  • Construction of a splash pad in Crist Park. 
  • Installation of new banners in the downtown and along Colorado Boulevard to promote downtown and its events. 
  • Installation of bike racks to promote alternative transportation into downtown. 
  • Purchase and installation of additional benches, trash receptacles, and flower pots in the downtown. 
  • Reorientation to more clearly identify existing and available parking while creating additional parking. 
  • Adjustment and incorporation of new signage for the downtown.

Economic Restructuring

Evaluations of current market forces are driving the need to adapt and introduce new economic programs that produce long-term solutions. Recruiting new businesses, creatively converting unused space for new uses and sharpening the competitiveness of Downtown Frederick’s traditional merchants are examples of economic restructuring activities. Some of the notable improvements this year will include: 
  • Establishment of an Urban Renewal Authority that will focus on the redevelopment and revitalization of blighted property in the downtown. This is one of many economic development tools the town uses to encourage development when structured with Tax Increment Financing (TIF). 
  • Identification of various incentives that will encourage business locations in downtown. For more information contact the town manager, Matt LeCerf
  • Major changes to the town’s Land Use Code that include, encourage, and provide flexibility to various business types.

Helpful Points of Contact 

Please contact the following people for their subject expertise: