Building Fee Schedule

Building Permit Fee Information and Schedules

Total Valuation is the total cost of labor and materials.

The Fee Schedule is based on the Table 1A from the 1997 UBC

The plan review fee is 65% of the building permit fee. If the plan is a repeat of a master plan, the plan review fee is $500.00.

Sales and Use Tax is 2.5% of one-half (1/2) the total valuation.

The construction meter fee is $37.00.

Electrical Permit Fees

Impact fees

Residential $ 977.00
Commercial $0.488 x square footage of building and parking area
Electrical 650.00
General Capital 1,500.00
Open Space 500.00
Park Improvements 1,000.00
Residential 1,456.00
Commercial Complete Road Impact Fee Schedule
Water For a complete listing of water tap fees, please visit the Fee Schedule (page 5 and 6)

  1. Proof of sewer tap purchase from St. Vrain Sanitation District will be required before a building permit will be issued.
  2. School Fees - Contact St. Vrain Valley School District Directly. Cash in Lieu / Acknowledgement and Receipt for Payment.